Our Achievements

1973 - Mass Holiday
1978 - Relay Hunger Strike for 45 days

1980 - Work to rule for 30 days

1982 - Lead the General Strike of all the employees, courting arrest, during Asiad 82.

1984 - Dharna for 30 days

1989 - Silence observation in protest

1991 - One day Tool Down Strike

1993 - Three days Tool Down Strike

1997, 1998 and 1999 - Waves of Mass Holidays and Strikes.

Outcomes of these agitations in brief are:
1.) There is an ever-increasing awareness of the importance of being organised. And the moral values in the employees, not only those belonging to our member cadres, but of the other associations/ unions in this media, also got boosted.

2.) As an outcome of agitation in seventies:
a) The working hours were fixed, Holidays defined and Extra hours of duty compensated.

b) The number of staff quarters were increased from a bare minimum.

c) A comprehensive transfer policy came into existence.

d) Routine conciliatory meetings became a regular feature and management agreed for frequent discussions as and when required.

3.)The 1982 Asiad agitation brought wider unity among all the employees of AIR & Doordarshan irrespective of their sections/cadres. This agitation gave an impetus for other Central Govt. Employees Associations to pursue, with vigor, the issue of Bonus. (Till then only the employees of Indian Railways and Postal & Telegraph were getting the bonus). Afterwards the bonus is being given to all Central Govt. Employees.

4.) The eighties witnessed the attempts from the management to remove stagnation in engineering cadres, though in a lukewarm manner. However, a large number of engineering employees were benefited by subsequent promotion.

5.) The late eighties saw rapid expansion of Television network in India and brought the challenge for the Association to fight for staff welfare at a number of Low Power Transmitters(TV relay centres).

6.) Then came the decade of struggle for the pay revision of engineering cadres, which was steered with courage and determination. Even though not fully satisfied, the settlement has came one year back and now the Association is striving for the fulfilling of the left out points of some cadres.

International Seminar Attended:
10-18 September 1999--Kath Mandu

13-17 December 1999--Kota Kinabalu 24

March 2000--Vienna, Austria

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